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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
android_emulator_pgo.py 12.5 kB
android_emulator_unittest.py A mozharness script for Android functional tests (like mochitests and reftests) run on an And 19.1 kB
android_hardware_unittest.py 17.0 kB
android_wrench.py Overrides the is_emulator property on AndroidMixin. 10.3 kB
awsy_script.py run awsy tests in a virtualenv 11.3 kB
configtest.py configtest.py Verify the .json and .py files in the configs/ directory are well-formed. Further tes 5.6 kB
desktop_l10n.py desktop_l10n.py This script manages Desktop repacks for nightly builds. 18.0 kB
desktop_partner_repacks.py desktop_partner_repacks.py This script manages Desktop partner repacks for beta/release builds. 6.8 kB
desktop_unittest.py desktop_unittest.py author: Jordan Lund 42.9 kB
fx_desktop_build.py fx_desktop_build.py. script harness to build nightly firefox within Mozilla's build environment and 3.6 kB
l10n_bumper.py l10n_bumper.py Updates a gecko repo with up to date changesets from l10n.mozilla.org. Spec 13.2 kB
marionette.py address 15.4 kB
multil10n.py multil10n.py 594 Bytes
openh264_build.py 16.4 kB
raptor_script.py raptor 470 Bytes
repackage.py self 6.4 kB
talos_script.py talos 529 Bytes
web_platform_tests.py 20.0 kB