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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 663 Bytes
addons.py def __init__(self, marionette): self._mn = marionette def install(self, path, temp=Fals 2.5 kB
by.py 897 Bytes
date_time_value.py def __init__(self, element): self.element = element @property def date(self): 1.6 kB
decorators.py Decorator which checks the process status after the function has run. 2.3 kB
errors.py Raised when a generic non-recoverable exception has occured. 5.0 kB
expected.py This file provides a set of expected conditions for common use cases when writing Marionette tests. 9.7 kB
geckoinstance.py 23.2 kB
gestures.py :param axis: y or x :param direction: 0 for positive, and -1 for negative :param le 3.7 kB
keys.py 2.2 kB
legacy_actions.py 12.0 kB
localization.py def __init__(self, marionette): self._marionette = marionette def localize_entity(self, 2.4 kB
marionette.py Enum-like class for mouse button constants. 75.4 kB
timeout.py Manage timeout settings in the Marionette session. Usage:: marionette = Marionette(... 3.1 kB
transport.py 9.4 kB
wait.py An explicit conditional utility class for waiting until a condition evaluates to true or not nul 6.2 kB