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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
.eslintrc.js 517 Bytes
.jsdoc.js 184 Bytes
README.html 6.1 kB
accessibility.js the interfaces 12.9 kB
action.js eslint no-dupe-keys:off 39.8 kB
addon.js @namespace 3.0 kB
assert.js Shorthands for common assertions made in Marionette. * * @namespace 9.7 kB
atom.js @namespace 94.8 kB
browser.js global frame 13.4 kB
capture.js 5.8 kB
cert.js TLS certificate service override management for Marionette. * * @namespace 4.3 kB
cookie.js @namespace 6.0 kB
driver.js global XPCNativeWrapper 120.3 kB
element.js 6066-11e4-a52e-4f735466cecf 28.9 kB
error.js @namespace 15.1 kB
evaluate.js @namespace 14.2 kB
event.js Provides functionality for creating and sending DOM events. 41.3 kB
frame.js @namespace 10.2 kB
interaction.js XUL elements that support disabled attribute. 13.8 kB
jar.mn 1.7 kB
l10n.js An API which allows Marionette to handle localized content. * * The localization (https://mzl.la/2 3.0 kB
legacyaction.js @namespace 13.8 kB
listener.js eslint-env mozilla/frame-script 60.1 kB
mach_commands.py Must have Firefox build or Android build. 5.2 kB
mach_test_package_commands.py 2.1 kB
message.js Messages may originate from either the server or the client. * Because the remote protocol is full 8.5 kB
modal.js dialog-loaded 4.4 kB
moz.build 577 Bytes
navigate.js @namespace 1.7 kB
packets.js Packets contain read / write functionality for the different packet types * supported by the debugg 11.1 kB
proxy.js @namespace 13.3 kB
reftest.js Implements an fast runner for web-platform-tests format reftests * c.f. http://web-platform-tests.o 12.1 kB
reftest.xul 131 Bytes
server.js socket 19.9 kB
session.js State associated with a WebDriver session. * * @namespace 11.8 kB
stream-utils.js 7.7 kB
test_action.js 20.2 kB
test_assert.js 5.3 kB
test_cookie.js 6.4 kB
test_element.js 1.9 kB
test_error.js 13.5 kB
test_message.js 6.5 kB
test_navigate.js 1.0 kB
test_session.js 10.0 kB
test_wait.js 1.8 kB
transport.js below 27.4 kB
unit.ini 439 Bytes
wait.js Poll-waiting utilities. * * @namespace 5.3 kB