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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 0 Bytes
attributes.py 4.2 kB
cached_tasks.py Allow the results of this task to be cached. This adds index routes to the task so it can be loo 3.0 kB
chunking.py Utility functions to handle test chunking. 3.8 kB
declarative_artifacts.py 2.2 kB
docker.py POSTs a tar file to a given docker API path. The tar argument can be anything that can be passe 11.5 kB
hash.py Hash a single file. Returns the SHA-256 hash in hex form. 1.4 kB
hg.py Given the parameters for this action and a revision, find the pushlog_id of the revision. 2.1 kB
keyed_by.py For values which can either accept a literal value, or be keyed by some attributes, perform that 2.6 kB
parameterization.py Resolve all instances of `{'relative-datestamp': '..'}` in the given task definition 2.7 kB
partials.py 10.9 kB
partners.py LOGIN_QUERY, MANIFEST_QUERY, and REPACK_CFG_QUERY are all written to the Github v4 API, which users 15.9 kB
perfile.py 3.5 kB
platforms.py Given a build platform, return the platform family (linux, macosx, etc.) 1.7 kB
python_path.py Find a Python object given a path of the form <modulepath>:<objectpath>. Conceptually equivalent 1.7 kB
schema.py Validate that object satisfies schema. If not, generate a useful exception beginning with msg_p 7.4 kB
scriptworker.py Make scriptworker.cot.verify more user friendly by making scopes dynamic. Scriptworker uses certain 27.2 kB
signed_artifacts.py Defines artifacts to sign before repackage. 5.4 kB
taskcluster.py Get the current TASKCLUSTER_ROOT_URL. When running in a task, this must come from $TASKCLUSTER_ 11.0 kB
taskgraph.py Tools for interacting with existing taskgraphs. 1.7 kB
templates.py Merge dict and arrays (override scalar values) Keys from source override keys from dest, and el 1.7 kB
time.py 3.6 kB
treeherder.py Split a symbol expressed as grp(sym) into its two parts. If no group is given, the returned gro 2.0 kB
verify.py Container for a sequence of verifications over a TaskGraph. Each verification is represented as 9.8 kB
workertypes.py Get the configuration for this worker_type alias: {provisioner, worker-type, implementation, os} 3.8 kB
yaml.py Parse the first YAML document in a stream and produce the corresponding Python object. 1.1 kB