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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 15.3 kB
common.py Common support for various job types. These functions are all named after the worker implementation 8.6 kB
debian_package.py Support for running spidermonkey jobs via dedicated scripts 7.9 kB
hazard.py Support for running hazard jobs via dedicated scripts 2.3 kB
mach.py Support for running mach tasks (via run-task) 2.1 kB
mozharness.py Support for running jobs via mozharness. Ideally, most stuff gets run this way, and certainly anyth 12.7 kB
mozharness_test.py Account for different platforms that name their test packages differently 18.5 kB
python_test.py Support for running mach python-test tasks (via run-task) 1.7 kB
run_task.py Support for running jobs that are invoked via the `run-task` script. 8.1 kB
spidermonkey.py Support for running spidermonkey jobs via dedicated scripts 4.9 kB
toolchain.py Support for running toolchain-building jobs via dedicated scripts 7.6 kB