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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
SyncedTabs.jsm 10.7 kB
addonsreconciler.js This file contains middleware to reconcile state of AddonManager for * purposes of tracking events 21.6 kB
addonutils.js 16.1 kB
bookmark_repair.js 28.6 kB
bookmark_validator.js 30.1 kB
browserid_identity.js 32.4 kB
collection_repair.js 4.4 kB
collection_validator.js 6.6 kB
constants.js 8.7 kB
doctor.js 9.6 kB
engines.js Trackers are associated with a single engine and deal with * listening for changes to their particu 62.7 kB
keys.js Represents a pair of keys. * * Each key stored in a key bundle is 256 bits. One key is used for sy 5.7 kB
main.js 878 Bytes
policies.js 34.3 kB
record.js 34.0 kB
resource.js identified by a URI 18.7 kB
rest.js RESTRequest variant for use against a Sync storage server. 3.0 kB
service.js 48.6 kB
status.js 3.4 kB
telemetry.js event 21.8 kB
util.js Utility functions 25.3 kB