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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
README This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public 6.4 kB
curve25519_32.c Derived from machine-generated code via Fiat-Crypto: * https://github.com/mit-plv/fiat-crypto and h 48.3 kB
curve25519_64.c 569 Bytes
ec_naf.c Returns 2^e as an integer. This is meant to be used for small powers of * two. 1.9 kB
ecl-curve.h copied from certt.h 15.0 kB
ecl-exp.h Curve field type 6.9 kB
ecl-priv.h MAX_FIELD_SIZE_DIGITS is the maximum size of field element supported 11.5 kB
ecl.c priv 9.5 kB
ecl.h exp 2.0 kB
ecl_gf.c Allocate memory for a new GFMethod object. 24.9 kB
ecl_mult.c Elliptic curve scalar-point multiplication. Computes R(x, y) = k * P(x, * y). If x, y = NULL, then 11.0 kB
eclt.h This header holds ECC types and must not be exported publicly. 785 Bytes
ecp.h Checks if point P(px, py) is at infinity. Uses affine coordinates. 5.0 kB
ecp_25519.c curve 25519 https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc7748.txt 4.5 kB
ecp_256.c Fast modular reduction for p256 = 2^256 - 2^224 + 2^192+ 2^96 - 1. a can be r. * Uses algorithm 2. 12.8 kB
ecp_256_32.c A 32-bit implementation of the NIST P-256 elliptic curve. 53.7 kB
ecp_384.c Fast modular reduction for p384 = 2^384 - 2^128 - 2^96 + 2^32 - 1. a can be r. * Uses algorithm 2. 7.7 kB
ecp_521.c Fast modular reduction for p521 = 2^521 - 1. a can be r. Uses * algorithm 2.31 from Hankerson, Men 4.1 kB
ecp_aff.c Checks if point P(px, py) is at infinity. Uses affine coordinates. 10.3 kB
ecp_jac.c Converts a point P(px, py) from affine coordinates to Jacobian * projective coordinates R(rx, ry, r 18.8 kB
ecp_jm.c Computes R = 2P. Elliptic curve points P and R can be identical. Uses * Modified Jacobian coordin 10.1 kB
ecp_mont.c Uses Montgomery reduction for field arithmetic. See mpi/mpmontg.c for * code implementation. 4.1 kB