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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 351 Bytes
arena.c arena.c * * This contains the implementation of NSS's thread-safe arenas. 31.2 kB
base.gyp 684 Bytes
base.h base.h * * This header file contains basic prototypes and preprocessor * definitions used through 30.8 kB
baset.h baset.h * * This file contains definitions for the basic types used throughout * nss but not avai 3.8 kB
error.c error.c * * This file contains the code implementing the per-thread error * stacks upon which mos 7.7 kB
errorval.c errorval.c * * This file contains the actual error constants used in NSS. 2.8 kB
exports.gyp 743 Bytes
exports.gyp 743 Bytes
hash.c with modifications to use NSS types 6.2 kB
hashops.c hashops.c * * This file includes a set of PLHashAllocOps that use NSSArenas. 1.5 kB
item.c manipulation code 3.9 kB
libc.c libc.c * * This file contains our wrappers/reimplementations for "standard" * libc functions. Th 3.0 kB
list.c void 9.8 kB
manifest.mn 678 Bytes
nssbase.h nssbase.h * * This header file contains the prototypes of the basic public * NSS routines. 6.7 kB
nssbaset.h nssbaset.h * * This file contains the most low-level, fundamental public types. 2.7 kB
tracker.c tracker.c * * This file contains the code used by the pointer-tracking calls used * in the debug 10.3 kB
utf8.c encoded strings pointed to by the 18.2 kB
utf8.c encoded strings pointed to by the 18.2 kB