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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
sctp.h 24.0 kB
sctp_asconf.c debug flags: * SCTP_DEBUG_ASCONF1: protocol info, general info and errors * SCTP_DEBUG_ASCONF2: de 104.5 kB
sctp_asconf.h function prototypes 3.6 kB
sctp_auth.c 61.9 kB
sctp_auth.h digest lengths 9.1 kB
sctp_bsd_addr.c 30.4 kB
sctp_bsd_addr.h 2.6 kB
sctp_callout.c Callout/Timer routines for OS that doesn't have them 8.9 kB
sctp_callout.h NOTE: the following MACROS are required for locking the callout * queue along with a lock/mutex in 5.7 kB
sctp_cc_functions.c 76.4 kB
sctp_constants.h IANA assigned port number for SCTP over UDP encapsulation 37.5 kB
sctp_crc32.c 42.1 kB
sctp_crc32.h 2.5 kB
sctp_header.h 17.0 kB
sctp_indata.c 184.6 kB
sctp_indata.h 4.4 kB
sctp_input.c 206.3 kB
sctp_input.h 2.8 kB
sctp_lock_userspace.h Empty Lock declarations for all other platforms. Pre-process away to * nothing. 7.5 kB
sctp_os.h General kernel memory allocation: * SCTP_MALLOC(element, type, size, name) * SCTP_FREE(element) 3.2 kB
sctp_os_userspace.h Userspace includes * All the opt_xxx.h files are placed in the kernel build directory. * We will p 34.7 kB
sctp_output.c 406.7 kB
sctp_output.h 8.4 kB
sctp_pcb.c 235.4 kB
sctp_pcb.h 26.3 kB
sctp_peeloff.c 11.4 kB
sctp_peeloff.h socket option peeloff 2.9 kB
sctp_process_lock.h Need to yet define five atomic fuctions or * their equivalant. * - atomic_add_int(&foo, val) - add 25.6 kB
sctp_sha1.c A SHA-1 Digest is 160 bits, or 20 bytes 10.0 kB
sctp_sha1.h The NSS sources require __APPLE__ to be defined. * XXX: Remove this ugly hack once the platform def 3.2 kB
sctp_ss_functions.c Default simple round-robin algorithm. * Just interates the streams in the order they appear. 34.4 kB
sctp_structs.h 41.0 kB
sctp_sysctl.c 70.3 kB
sctp_sysctl.h 25.2 kB
sctp_timer.c 49.7 kB
sctp_timer.h 3.5 kB
sctp_uio.h 44.8 kB
sctp_userspace.c - * Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Irene Ruengeler * Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Michael Tuexen * All rights 13.2 kB
sctp_usrreq.c 256.0 kB
sctp_var.h 18.0 kB
sctputil.c 229.4 kB
sctputil.h 13.1 kB