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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ConcurrentRecordConsumer.java Consume records from a queue inside a RecordsChannel, as fast as we can. * TODO: rewrite this in te 3.6 kB
RecordConsumer.java 714 Bytes
RecordsChannel.java 13.0 kB
RecordsChannelDelegate.java 610 Bytes
RecordsConsumerDelegate.java 776 Bytes
ServerLocalSynchronizer.java A <code>SynchronizerSession</code> designed to be used between a remote * server and a local reposi 648 Bytes
ServerLocalSynchronizerSession.java A <code>SynchronizerSession</code> designed to be used between a remote * server and a local reposi 4.1 kB
SessionNotBegunException.java 626 Bytes
StoreBatchTracker.java This class encapsulates most of the logic for recording telemetry information about outgoing * batc 3.3 kB
Synchronizer.java I perform a sync. * * Initialize me by calling `load` with a SynchronizerConfiguration. * * Star 3.5 kB
SynchronizerDelegate.java 453 Bytes
SynchronizerSession.java I coordinate the moving parts of a sync started by * {@link Synchronizer#synchronize}. * * I flow 17.0 kB
SynchronizerSessionDelegate.java 541 Bytes
UnbundleError.java 644 Bytes
UnexpectedSessionException.java An exception class that indicates that a session was passed * to a begin callback and wasn't expect 796 Bytes