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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AbstractNonRepositorySyncStage.java This is simply a stage that is not responsible for synchronizing repositories. 700 Bytes
AbstractSessionManagingSyncStage.java A global sync stage that manages a <code>GlobalSession</code> instance. This * class is intended to 1.7 kB
AndroidBrowserBookmarksServerSyncStage.java 3.3 kB
AndroidBrowserHistoryServerSyncStage.java 3.6 kB
AndroidBrowserRecentHistoryServerSyncStage.java History sync stage which is limited to just recent history, and will only run if the full history * 4.7 kB
CheckPreconditionsStage.java 419 Bytes
CompletedStage.java 553 Bytes
EnsureCrypto5KeysStage.java 10.0 kB
FennecTabsServerSyncStage.java 1.4 kB
FetchInfoCollectionsStage.java 2.3 kB
FetchInfoConfigurationStage.java Fetches configuration data from info/configurations endpoint. 3.8 kB
FetchMetaGlobalStage.java 4.8 kB
FormHistoryServerSyncStage.java 3.4 kB
GlobalSyncStage.java 2.9 kB
NoSuchStageException.java 490 Bytes
PasswordsServerSyncStage.java 1.4 kB
ServerSyncStage.java Fetch from a server collection into a local repository, encrypting * and decrypting along the way. 27.9 kB
SyncClientsEngineStage.java 25.6 kB
UploadMetaGlobalStage.java 563 Bytes