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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AbstractNonRepositorySyncStage.java This is simply a stage that is not responsible for synchronizing repositories. 700 Bytes
AbstractSessionManagingSyncStage.java A global sync stage that manages a <code>GlobalSession</code> instance. This * class is intended to 1.7 kB
BookmarksServerSyncStage.java 3.2 kB
CheckPreconditionsStage.java 419 Bytes
CompletedStage.java 553 Bytes
EnsureCrypto5KeysStage.java 10.2 kB
FennecTabsServerSyncStage.java 1.2 kB
FetchInfoCollectionsStage.java 2.3 kB
FetchInfoConfigurationStage.java Fetches configuration data from info/configurations endpoint. 3.8 kB
FetchMetaGlobalStage.java 4.8 kB
FormHistoryServerSyncStage.java 3.1 kB
GlobalSyncStage.java 2.9 kB
HistoryServerSyncStage.java History records are not buffered. We buy little from buffering it from data integrity point of v 4.0 kB
NoSuchStageException.java 490 Bytes
NonBufferingServerSyncStage.java 564 Bytes
PasswordsServerSyncStage.java 1.1 kB
RecentHistoryServerSyncStage.java History sync stage which is limited to just recent history, and will only run if the full history * 4.3 kB
ServerSyncStage.java Fetch from a server collection into a local repository, encrypting * and decrypting along the way. 26.4 kB
SyncClientsEngineStage.java 28.5 kB
UploadMetaGlobalStage.java 563 Bytes
ValidateBookmarksSyncStage.java This sync stage runs bookmark validation for including in telemetry. Bookmark validation * is fairl 7.3 kB
VersionedServerSyncStage.java Server sync stage which knows how to reset record versions for its local repository. 1.4 kB