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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
BookmarkNeedsReparentingException.java 521 Bytes
ConfigurableServer15Repository.java A kind of Server15Repository that supports explicit setting of: * - per-batch fetch limit * - batc 3.2 kB
FetchFailedException.java 428 Bytes
HashSetStoreTracker.java 1.6 kB
IdentityRecordFactory.java 454 Bytes
InactiveSessionException.java 558 Bytes
InvalidBookmarkTypeException.java 510 Bytes
InvalidRequestException.java 486 Bytes
InvalidSessionTransitionException.java 521 Bytes
MultipleRecordsForGuidException.java 516 Bytes
NoContentProviderException.java Raised when a Content Provider cannot be retrieved. * * @author rnewman * 677 Bytes
NoGuidForIdException.java 494 Bytes
NoStoreDelegateException.java 431 Bytes
NonPersistentRepositoryStateProvider.java Simple non-persistent implementation of a repository state provider. * * Just like in the persiste 2.2 kB
NullCursorException.java 491 Bytes
ParentNotFoundException.java 504 Bytes
PersistentRepositoryStateProvider.java Simple persistent implementation of a repository state provider. * Uses provided PrefsBranch object 2.3 kB
ProfileDatabaseException.java 504 Bytes
RecordFactory.java 535 Bytes
RecordFilter.java 387 Bytes
Repository.java 691 Bytes
RepositorySession.java A <code>RepositorySession</code> is created and used thusly: * *<ul> * <li>Construct, with a refe 15.7 kB
RepositorySessionBundle.java 1.7 kB
RepositoryStateProvider.java Interface describing a repository state provider. * Repository's state might consist of a number of 1.7 kB
Server15Repository.java A Server15Repository implements fetching and storing against the Sync 1.5 API. * It doesn't do cryp 4.0 kB
Server15RepositorySession.java 5.2 kB
StoreFailedException.java 427 Bytes
StoreTracker.java Our hacky version of transactional semantics. The goal is to prevent * the following situation: * 2.6 kB
StoreTrackingRepositorySession.java 2.8 kB
VersioningDelegateHelper.java 10.0 kB