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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AbstractBearerTokenAuthHeaderProvider.java An <code>AuthHeaderProvider</code> that returns an Authorization header for * bearer tokens, adding 1.2 kB
AuthHeaderProvider.java An <code>AuthHeaderProvider</code> generates HTTP Authorization headers for * HTTP requests. 1.1 kB
BaseResource.java 19.8 kB
BaseResourceDelegate.java Shared abstract class for resource delegate that use the same timeouts * and no credentials. * * 1.2 kB
BasicAuthHeaderProvider.java An <code>AuthHeaderProvider</code> that returns an HTTP Basic auth header. 1.7 kB
BearerAuthHeaderProvider.java An <code>AuthHeaderProvider</code> that returns an Authorization header for * Bearer tokens in the 816 Bytes
BrowserIDAuthHeaderProvider.java An <code>AuthHeaderProvider</code> that returns an Authorization header for * BrowserID assertions 791 Bytes
ConnectionMonitorThread.java Every <code>REAP_INTERVAL</code> milliseconds, wake up * and expire any connections that need clean 1.2 kB
GzipNonChunkedCompressingEntity.java Wrapping entity that compresses content when {@link #writeTo writing}. * * This differs from {@lin 3.2 kB
HMACAuthHeaderProvider.java An <code>AuthHeaderProvider</code> that returns an Authorization header for * HMAC-SHA1-signed requ 9.1 kB
HandleProgressException.java 491 Bytes
HawkAuthHeaderProvider.java An <code>AuthHeaderProvider</code> that returns an Authorization header for * Hawk: <a href="https: 14.8 kB
HttpResponseObserver.java 703 Bytes
MozResponse.java 6.6 kB
Resource.java 658 Bytes
ResourceDelegate.java ResourceDelegate implementers must ensure that HTTP responses * are fully consumed to ensure that c 1.8 kB
SRPConstants.java SRP Group Parameters from * <a href="http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5054#appendix-A">Appendix A of R 10.4 kB
SyncResponse.java 5.3 kB
SyncStorageCollectionRequest.java A request class that handles line-by-line responses. Eventually this will * handle real stream proc 4.8 kB
SyncStorageCollectionRequestDelegate.java 386 Bytes
SyncStorageRecordRequest.java Resource class that implements expected headers and processing for Sync. * Accepts a simplified del 2.5 kB
SyncStorageRequest.java 7.0 kB
SyncStorageRequestDelegate.java 1.4 kB
SyncStorageRequestIncrementalDelegate.java 370 Bytes
SyncStorageResponse.java 3.8 kB
TLSSocketFactory.java 2.2 kB
WBOCollectionRequestDelegate.java Subclass this to handle collection fetches. * @author rnewman * 1.1 kB
WBORequestDelegate.java 496 Bytes