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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AlreadySyncingException.java 670 Bytes
BackoffException.java 366 Bytes
BackoffHandler.java 976 Bytes
BadRequiredFieldJSONException.java 238 Bytes
CollectionConcurrentModificationException.java Thrown when a collection has been modified by another client while we were either * downloading fro 561 Bytes
CollectionKeys.java 7.2 kB
CommandProcessor.java Process commands received from Sync clients. * <p> * We need a command processor at two different 11.3 kB
CommandRunner.java 612 Bytes
CredentialException.java There was a problem with the Sync account's credentials: bad username, * missing password, malforme 1.5 kB
CryptoKeysChangedException.java 376 Bytes
CryptoRecord.java A Sync crypto record has: * * <ul> * <li>a collection of fields which are not encrypted (id and c 9.0 kB
EngineSettings.java 896 Bytes
ExtendedJSONObject.java Extend JSONObject to do little things, like, y'know, accessing members. * * @author rnewman * 11.6 kB
GlobalSession.java 47.2 kB
HTTPFailureException.java 1.3 kB
InfoCollections.java Fetches the timestamp information in <code>info/collections</code> on the * Sync server. Provides a 3.5 kB
InfoConfiguration.java Wraps and provides access to configuration data returned from info/configuration. * Docs: https://d 4.5 kB
InfoCounts.java 1.9 kB
JSONRecordFetcher.java An object which fetches a chunk of JSON from a URI, using certain credentials, * and informs its de 4.3 kB
KeyBundleProvider.java 367 Bytes
MetaGlobal.java 12.7 kB
MetaGlobalException.java 1.7 kB
MetaGlobalMissingEnginesException.java 388 Bytes
MetaGlobalNotSetException.java 379 Bytes
NoCollectionKeysSetException.java 552 Bytes
NodeAuthenticationException.java 550 Bytes
NonArrayJSONException.java 546 Bytes
NonObjectJSONException.java 549 Bytes
NullClusterURLException.java 546 Bytes
OutdatedStorageVersionException.java package-private 396 Bytes
PersistedMetaGlobal.java 2.9 kB
PrefsBackoffHandler.java 1.8 kB
ReflowIsNecessaryException.java Used by SynchronizerSession to indicate that reflow of a stage is necessary. * To reflow a stage is 1.0 kB
Server15PreviousPostFailedException.java A previous POST failed, so we won't send any more records this session. 467 Bytes
Server15RecordPostFailedException.java The server rejected a record in its "failure" array. 446 Bytes
SessionCreateException.java 447 Bytes
SharedPreferencesClientsDataDelegate.java A <code>ClientsDataDelegate</code> implementation that persists to a * <code>SharedPreferences</cod 3.8 kB
SyncConfiguration.java 16.7 kB
SyncConfigurationException.java 549 Bytes
SyncConstants.java 932 Bytes
SyncDeadlineReachedException.java Thrown when we've hit a self-imposed sync deadline, and decided not to proceed. * * @author grisha 503 Bytes
SyncException.java 946 Bytes
SynchronizerConfiguration.java 2.6 kB
ThreadPool.java 529 Bytes
UnexpectedJSONException.java 787 Bytes
UnknownSynchronizerConfigurationVersionException.java 556 Bytes
Utils.java 17.5 kB