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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
BaseAction.java 6.8 kB
CleanupAction.java Remove content that is no longer needed 2.0 kB
DlcCleanupService.java 1.2 kB
DlcDownloadService.java 1.7 kB
DlcHelper.java 1.2 kB
DlcStudyService.java 1.2 kB
DlcSyncService.java 1.4 kB
DownloadAction.java Download content that has been scheduled during "study" or "verify". 15.3 kB
DownloadContentTelemetry.java Helper class to send DLC telemetry events. 5.7 kB
StudyAction.java Study: Scan the catalog for "new" content available for download. 3.0 kB
SyncAction.java Sync: Synchronize catalog from a Kinto instance. 11.4 kB
VerifyAction.java Verify: Validate already downloaded content. Does it still exist and does it have the correct checks 2.4 kB