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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AdjustConstants.java.in 961 Bytes
AndroidManifest.xml.in 25.4 kB
AppConstants.java.in A collection of constants that pertain to the build and runtime state of the * application. Typical 12.4 kB
FennecManifest_permissions.xml.in 3.3 kB
GcmAndroidManifest_permissions.xml.in 442 Bytes
GcmAndroidManifest_services.xml.in 1.7 kB
Makefile.in 767 Bytes
MmaAndroidManifest_services.xml.in 1.5 kB
MmaConstants.java.in 1.1 kB
SamsungAppStoreManifest_permissions.xml.in 193 Bytes
WebAppFragmentRepeater.inc 410 Bytes
WebAppManifestFragment.xml.frag.in 590 Bytes
adjust-sdk-sandbox.token 13 Bytes
generate_build_config.py 5.7 kB
leanplum-sdk-sandbox.token 13 Bytes
moz.build 9.4 kB
package-name.txt.in 44 Bytes
pocket-api-sandbox.token 10 Bytes
strings.xml.in 43.7 kB