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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
args This directory is here to hold .gni files that contain sets of GN build
slave This is a directory which contains configuration information for the
OWNERS 670 Bytes
OWNERS.status 380 Bytes
README.chromium 892 Bytes
all.gyp 29.5 kB
all_android.gyp 4.6 kB
apply_locales.py 1.5 kB
asan.saves 689 Bytes
branding_value.sh 1.2 kB
build-ctags.sh 1.3 kB
build_config.h 6.3 kB
buildflag.h 1.8 kB
buildflag_header.gni 4.5 kB
check_gn_headers.py Find header files missing in GN. This script gets all the header files from ninja_deps, which is fr 6.4 kB
check_gn_headers_unittest.py obj/a.o: #deps 1, deps mtime 123 (VALID) ../../a.cc ../../dir/path/b.h ../../c.hh obj/b 2.5 kB
check_return_value.py 449 Bytes
clobber.py This script provides methods for clobbering build directories. 4.1 kB
common.croc c linux 3.4 kB
compiled_action.gni 6.0 kB
compiler_version.py Compiler version checking tool for gcc Print gcc version as XY if you are running gcc X.Y.*. This i 3.9 kB
copy_test_data_ios.py Copies test data files or directories into a given output directory. 3.2 kB
cp.py Copy a file. This module works much like the cp posix command - it takes 2 arguments: (src, dst) an 592 Bytes
detect_host_arch.py Outputs host CPU architecture in format recognized by gyp. 1.4 kB
dir_exists.py Writes True if the argument is a directory. 569 Bytes
dotfile_settings.gni 1.3 kB
download_gold_plugin.py Script to download LLVM gold plugin from google storage. 1.3 kB
download_nacl_toolchains.py Shim to run nacl toolchain download script only if there is a nacl dir. 2.2 kB
download_translation_unit_tool.py Script to download Clang translation_unit tool from google storage. 1.6 kB
env_dump.py 1.7 kB
escape_unicode.py Convert any unicode characters found in the input file to C literals. 1.5 kB
extract_from_cab.py Extracts a single file from a CAB archive. 2.1 kB
find_depot_tools.py Small utility function to find depot_tools and add it to the python path. Will throw an ImportError 1.7 kB
find_isolated_tests.py Scans build output directory for .isolated files, calculates their SHA1 hashes, stores final list in 2.3 kB
fix_gn_headers.py Fix header files missing in GN. This script takes the missing header files from check_gn_headers.py 6.6 kB
gdb-add-index 5.2 kB
get_landmines.py This file emits the list of reasons why a particular build needs to be clobbered (or a list of 'land 3.5 kB
get_syzygy_binaries.py A utility script for downloading versioned Syzygy binaries. 19.7 kB
gn_helpers.py class GNException(Exception): pass def ToGNString(value, allow_dicts = True): 11.1 kB
gn_helpers_unittest.py 4.4 kB
gn_run_binary.py Helper script for GN to run an arbitrary binary. See compiled_action.gni. Run with: python gn_run 751 Bytes
gyp_chromium 494 Bytes
gyp_chromium.py This script is now only used by the closure_compilation builders. 2.0 kB
gyp_environment.py Sets up various automatic gyp environment variables. These are used by gyp_chromium and landmines.py 1.2 kB
gyp_helper.py Reads in a *.gyp_env file and applies the valid keys to os.environ. 2.2 kB
gypi_to_gn.py 6.9 kB
install-build-deps-android.sh 2.2 kB
install-build-deps.sh 20.4 kB
install-chroot.sh 31.3 kB
inverse_depth.py 491 Bytes
landmine_utils.py This decorator caches the return value of a parameterless pure function 2.0 kB
landmines.py This script runs every build as the first hook (See DEPS). If it detects that the build should be cl 4.6 kB
mac_toolchain.py Return the contents of the stamp file, or '' if it doesn't exist. 8.2 kB
nocompile.gni 3.3 kB
output_dll_copy.rules 375 Bytes
package_mac_toolchain.py Compress and upload Mac toolchain files. Stored in in https://pantheon.corp.google.com/storage/brow 5.7 kB
precompile.cc 360 Bytes
precompile.h 1.2 kB
print_python_deps.py Prints all non-system dependencies for the given module. The primary use-case for this script is to 3.7 kB
protoc_java.py Generate java source files from protobuf files. This is a helper file for the genproto_java action 2.3 kB
redirect_stdout.py 617 Bytes
rm.py Delete a file. This module works much like the rm posix command. 894 Bytes
sample_arg_file.gn 216 Bytes
sanitize-mac-build-log.sed 1.2 kB
sanitize-mac-build-log.sh 227 Bytes
sanitize-win-build-log.sed 491 Bytes
sanitize-win-build-log.sh 227 Bytes
shim_headers.gni 1.1 kB
some.gyp 853 Bytes
split_static_library.gni 2.8 kB
symlink.gni 2.6 kB
symlink.py Make a symlink and optionally touch a file (to handle dependencies). Usage: symlink.py [options] 1.5 kB
tree_truth.sh 2.9 kB
update-linux-sandbox.sh 2.5 kB
vs_toolchain.py Sets up os.environ to use the depot_tools VS toolchain with gyp, and returns the location of the V 17.5 kB
whitespace_file.txt 6.6 kB
win_is_xtree_patched.py Determines if the VS xtree header has been patched to disable C4702. 808 Bytes
write_build_date_header.py Writes a file that contains a define that approximates the build date. build_type impacts the times 4.1 kB
write_buildflag_header.py 3.2 kB