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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
cubeb-internal.h 3.4 kB
cubeb-jni-instances.h The methods in this file offer a way to pass in the required * JNI instances in the cubeb library. 895 Bytes
cubeb-jni.cpp instances 2.5 kB
cubeb-jni.h 254 Bytes
cubeb-sles.h Only synchronous operation is supported, as if the second parameter was FALSE. 770 Bytes
cubeb-speex-resampler.h 35 Bytes
cubeb.c internal 17.5 kB
cubeb_alsa.c 38.3 kB
cubeb_array_queue.h 1.9 kB
cubeb_assert.h Forward fatal asserts to MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT when built inside Gecko. 573 Bytes
cubeb_audiounit.cpp 127.3 kB
cubeb_jack.cpp 34.9 kB
cubeb_log.cpp The maximum size of a log message, after having been formatted. 3.8 kB
cubeb_log.h Asynchronous verbose logging, to log in real-time callbacks. 1.7 kB
cubeb_mixer.cpp 21.6 kB
cubeb_mixer.h 1.1 kB
cubeb_opensl.c 57.8 kB
cubeb_osx_run_loop.c 429 Bytes
cubeb_osx_run_loop.h On OSX 10.6 and after, the notification callbacks from the audio hardware are * called on the main 646 Bytes
cubeb_panner.cpp We use a cos/sin law. 1.3 kB
cubeb_panner.h Pan an integer or an float stereo buffer according to a cos/sin pan law * @param buf the buffer to 652 Bytes
cubeb_resampler.cpp 14.0 kB
cubeb_resampler.h Create a resampler to adapt the requested sample rate into something that * is accepted by the audi 3.1 kB
cubeb_resampler_internal.h This header file contains the internal C++ API of the resamplers, for testing. 23.3 kB
cubeb_ring_array.h Ring array of pointers is used to hold buffers. In case that asynchronous producer/consumer call 4.3 kB
cubeb_ringbuffer.h Single producer single consumer lock-free and wait-free ring buffer. * * This data structure allow 15.5 kB
cubeb_sndio.c 17.2 kB
cubeb_strings.c 2.9 kB
cubeb_strings.h Opaque handle referencing interned string storage. 1.3 kB
cubeb_sun.c Default to 4 + 1 for the default device. 19.0 kB
cubeb_utils.cpp 564 Bytes
cubeb_utils.h Similar to memcpy, but accounts for the size of an element. 8.1 kB
cubeb_utils_unix.h This wraps a critical section to track the owner in debug mode. 1.7 kB
cubeb_utils_win.h This wraps a critical section to track the owner in debug mode, adapted from NSPR and http://blog 1.7 kB
cubeb_wasapi.cpp 98.2 kB
cubeb_winmm.c This is missing from the MinGW headers. Use a safe fallback. 29.4 kB
moz.build 2.2 kB