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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
README.txt Layout Engine Visual Tests (reftest) 33.7 kB
ReftestFissionChild.jsm 2.6 kB
ReftestFissionParent.jsm 3.6 kB
api.js 4.4 kB
clean-reftest-output.pl 805 Bytes
globals.jsm 5.1 kB
jar.mn 3.5 kB
mach_commands.py Easily run reftests. This currently contains just the basics for running reftests. We may want 9.3 kB
mach_test_package_commands.py 2.8 kB
manifest.jsm dirs 32.6 kB
manifest.json 353 Bytes
moz.build 995 Bytes
output.py 6.2 kB
reftest-analyzer-structured.xhtml 25.3 kB
reftest-analyzer.xhtml 35.3 kB
reftest-content.js 63.4 kB
reftest-to-html.pl must be in this order 4.1 kB
reftest.jsm 66.5 kB
reftest.xhtml window 730 Bytes
reftestcommandline.py 22.2 kB
remotereftest.py Web server used to serve Reftests, for closer fidelity to the real web. It is virtually iden 18.2 kB
runreftest.py Runs the reftest test harness. 40.7 kB
schema.json 3 Bytes