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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
CellHeader.py 949 Bytes
ExecutableAllocator.py All jitted code is allocated via the ExecutableAllocator class. Make GDB aware of them, such that we 3.6 kB
GCCellPtr.py 4.5 kB
Interpreter.py 3.5 kB
IonGraph.py Debugging JIT Compilations can be obscure without large context. This python script provide commands 8.9 kB
JSObject.py 3.6 kB
JSString.py 3.5 kB
JSSymbol.py 1.5 kB
Root.py 4.0 kB
__init__.py 234 Bytes
asmjs.py In asm code, out-of-bounds heap accesses cause segfaults, which the engine handles internally. Make 1.7 kB
autoload.py Autoload SpiderMonkey pretty-printers 1.3 kB
jsid.py a typedef for 2.8 kB
jsop.py 2.0 kB
jsval.py 8.8 kB
prettyprinters.py -- infrastructure for SpiderMonkey 15.0 kB
unwind.py -- unwinder and frame filter for SpiderMonkey 24.1 kB