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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AudioFocusManager.cpp 1.9 kB
AudioFocusManager.h AudioFocusManager is used to assign the audio focus to different requester * and decide which reque 1.5 kB
ContentMediaController.cpp static 5.7 kB
ContentMediaController.h This enum is used to update controlled media state to the media controller in * the chrome process. 5.6 kB
MediaControlIPC.h 1.1 kB
MediaControlKeysEvent.cpp 3.3 kB
MediaControlKeysEvent.h uint32_t 3.1 kB
MediaControlKeysManager.cpp 3.5 kB
MediaControlKeysManager.h override 1.8 kB
MediaControlService.cpp static 7.4 kB
MediaControlService.h MediaControlService is an interface to access controllers by providing * controller Id. Everytime w 4.8 kB
MediaControlUtils.cpp 765 Bytes
MediaControlUtils.h 3.3 kB
MediaController.cpp 7.8 kB
MediaController.h override 4.0 kB
PlaybackController.cpp 4.7 kB
PlaybackController.h This interface is used to handle different playback control actions. The * methods are designed bas 2.1 kB
moz.build 934 Bytes