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Tests for tab switching on link clicks.
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title>Tests for tab switching on link clicks.</title>
  <a id="link-1" target="testTab" href="file_bug1303838_target_foo.html">Link 1</a><br>
  <a id="link-2" target="testTab" href="file_bug1303838_target_bar.html">Link 2</a><br>
  <a id="link-3" target="testTab" href="file_bug1303838_target_baz.html">Link 3</a><br>
  <a id="link-4" target="testTab" href="file_bug1303838_target.html">Link 4</a><br>
  <a id="anchor-link-1" target="testTab" href="file_bug1303838_target.html#foo">Anchor Link 1</a><br>
  <a id="anchor-link-2" target="testTab" href="file_bug1303838_target.html#bar">Anchor Link 2</a><br>
  <a id="anchor-link-3" target="testTab" href="file_bug1303838_target.html#baz">Anchor Link 3</a><br>
  <a id="frame-link-1" target="testFrame" href="file_bug1303838_target_ifoo.html">Frame Link 1</a><br>
  <a id="frame-link-2" target="testFrame" href="file_bug1303838_target_ibar.html">Frame Link 2</a><br>
  <a id="frame-link-3" target="testFrame" href="file_bug1303838_target_ibaz.html">Frame Link 3</a><br>