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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
actor-registry.js utils 1.5 kB
animation-type-longhand.js 9.7 kB
animation.js type-longhand 27.6 kB
array-buffer.js Creates an actor for the specified ArrayBuffer. * * @param {DebuggerServerConnection} conn * T 1.7 kB
breakpoint.js global assert 7.5 kB
changes.js The ChangesActor stores a stack of changes made by devtools on * the document in the associated tab 3.8 kB
common.js Construct an ActorPool. * * ActorPools are actorID -> actor mapping and storage. These are * use 6.5 kB
css-properties.js Generate the CSS properties object. Every key is the property name, while * the values are objects 3.4 kB
device.js function 3.7 kB
emulation.js This actor overrides various browser features to simulate different environments to * test how page 14.3 kB
environment.js threadActor 6.8 kB
errordocs.js A mapping of error message names to external documentation. Any error message * included here will 8.5 kB
frame.js threadActor 3.4 kB
framerate.js An actor wrapper around Framerate. Uses exposed * methods via bridge and provides RDP definitions. 1.3 kB
heap-snapshot-file.js The HeapSnapshotFileActor handles transferring heap snapshot files from the * server to the client. 2.4 kB
highlighters.css The :-moz-native-anonymous selector prefix prevents the styles defined here from impacting web con 24.3 kB
highlighters.js 27.1 kB
layout.js 15.7 kB
manifest.js async function 1.1 kB
memory.js An actor that returns memory usage data for its parent actor's window. * A target-scoped instance o 2.9 kB
moz.build 2.0 kB
object.js 28.5 kB
pause-scoped.js Protocol.js expects only the prototype object, and does not maintain the prototype * chain when it 2.7 kB
perf.js Pass on the events from the bridge to the actor. * @param {Object} actor The perf actor * @param { 2.4 kB
performance-recording.js This actor wraps the Performance module at devtools/shared/shared/performance.js * and provides RDP 5.4 kB
performance.js This actor wraps the Performance module at devtools/shared/shared/performance.js * and provides RDP 5.0 kB
preference.js Normally the preferences are set using Services.prefs, but this actor allows * a debugger client to 3.0 kB
process.js 2.3 kB
reflow.js About the types of objects in this file: * * - ReflowActor: the actor class used for protocol purp 14.3 kB
root.js Root actor for the remote debugging protocol. 26.4 kB
screenshot.js 1.4 kB
source.js 21.8 kB
storage.js 112.1 kB
string.js function 1.2 kB
styles.js 73.7 kB
stylesheets.js 26.2 kB
thread.js 67.7 kB
webbrowser.js 29.1 kB
webconsole.js global XPCNativeWrapper evalWithDebugger 68.3 kB