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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AbstractTreeItem.jsm 18.3 kB
Chart.js 16.5 kB
CubicBezierPresets.js 2.2 kB
CubicBezierWidget.js CubicBezier data structure helper * Accepts an array of coordinates and exposes a few useful getter 26.8 kB
FilterWidget.js This is a CSS Filter Editor widget used * for Rule View's filter swatches 31.9 kB
FlameGraph.js 48.3 kB
Graphs.js frame 44.5 kB
GraphsWorker.js eslint-env worker 3.3 kB
LineGraphWidget.js 14.3 kB
MountainGraphWidget.js 6.1 kB
ShapesInContextEditor.js 12.0 kB
Spectrum.js 22.7 kB
TableWidget.js 56.5 kB
TreeWidget.js A tree widget with keyboard navigation and collapsable structure. * * @param {Node} node * 18.3 kB
cubic-bezier.css container 4.7 kB
filter-widget.css Main container: Displays the filters and presets in 2 columns 5.1 kB
graphs-frame.xhtml 789 Bytes
moz.build 694 Bytes
spectrum.css checker 7.2 kB
view-helpers.js Helper for draining a rapid succession of events and invoking a callback * once everything settles 12.6 kB
widgets.css BreacrumbsWidget 2.3 kB