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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
source-map devtools-source-map is maintained on GitHub at:
sourceeditor This is the CodeMirror editor packaged for the Mozilla Project. CodeMirror
SplitView.jsm controller 9.3 kB
WeakMapMap.js WeakMapMap is a weakmap collection dual-keyed using an object and a string. * This is useful for ke 2.9 kB
async-store-helper.js asyncStoreHelper wraps asyncStorage so that it is easy to define project * specific properties. It 1.6 kB
autocomplete-popup.js Autocomplete popup UI implementation. * * @constructor * @param {Document} toolboxDoc * T 17.6 kB
browser-loader-mocks.js Retrieve a mocked module matching the provided uri, eg "resource://path/to/file.js". 2.4 kB
browser-loader.js mocks 9.1 kB
css-angle.js This module is used to convert between various angle units. * * Usage: * let {angleUtils} = req 9.3 kB
curl.js Copyright (C) 2007, 2008 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. * Copyright (C) 2008, 2009 Anthony Ricaud 15.0 kB
demangle.js Ba 277.5 kB
devices.js This is a catalog of common web-enabled devices and their properties, * intended for (mobile) devic 4.5 kB
enum.js like object with keys mirrored to values from an array 566 Bytes
events.js Prevent event default behaviour and stop its propagation. * @param {Object} event * Event 692 Bytes
focus.js full 2.1 kB
getjson.js Downloads and caches a JSON file from an URL given by a pref. * * @param {String} prefName * 2.4 kB
inplace-editor.js Basic use: * let spanToEdit = document.getElementById("somespan"); * * editableField({ * eleme 57.5 kB
key-shortcuts.js 8.7 kB
keycodes.js Keyboard handling is a mess. http://unixpapa.com/js/key.html * It would be good to use DOM L3 Keybo 3.3 kB
link.js Retrieve the most recent chrome window. 2.6 kB
moz.build 1.6 kB
node-attribute-parser.js This module contains a small element attribute value parser. It's primary * goal is to extract link 11.7 kB
options-view.js OptionsView constructor. Takes several options, all required: * - branchName: The name of the prefs 6.4 kB
output-parser.js 61.3 kB
poller.js @constructor Poller * Takes a function that is to be called on an interval, * and can be turned on 3.0 kB
prefs.js Shortcuts for lazily accessing and setting various preferences. * Usage: * let prefs = new Prefs 5.7 kB
react-utils.js 825 Bytes
scroll.js 4.7 kB
source-utils.js Takes a string and returns an object containing all the properties * available on an URL instance, 10.9 kB
splitview.css nav 1.7 kB
stylesheet-utils.js eslint-env browser 2.1 kB
suggestion-picker.js Allows to find the lowest ranking index in an index * of suggestions, by comparing it to another ar 4.2 kB
telemetry.js This is the telemetry module to report metrics for tools. * * Comprehensive documentation is in do 26.3 kB
theme-switching.js eslint-env browser 3.9 kB
theme.js loader 2.9 kB
thread-utils.js 1.1 kB
toolbarbutton.css not 2.6 kB
undo.js A simple undo stack manager. * * Actions are added along with the necessary code to * reverse the 4.7 kB
unicode-url.js Gets a readble Unicode hostname from a hostname. * * If the `hostname` is a readable ASCII hostnam 4.4 kB
view-source.js Tries to open a Stylesheet file in the Style Editor. If the file is not * found, it is opened in so 5.8 kB
webgl-utils.js 1.5 kB
workers-listener.js Listening to worker updates requires watching various sources. This class provides * a single addLi 4.7 kB
zoom-keys.js Register generic keys to control zoom level of the given document. * Used by both the toolboxes and 2.3 kB