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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
highlighters-overlay.js Highlighters overlay is a singleton managing all highlighters in the Inspector. 47.0 kB
moz.build 539 Bytes
node-types.js Types of nodes used in the rule and computed view. 784 Bytes
reflow-tracker.js Simple utility class that listens to reflows on a given target if and only if a * listener is activ 2.5 kB
style-change-tracker.js The InspectorStyleChangeTracker simply emits an event when it detects any changes in * the page tha 3.0 kB
style-inspector-menu.js Style inspector context menu * * @param {RuleView|ComputedView} view * RuleView or Compute 14.5 kB
tooltips-overlay.js The tooltip overlays are tooltips that appear when hovering over property values and * editor toolt 14.5 kB
utils.js Called when a character is typed in a value editor. This decides * whether to advance or not, firs 6.8 kB