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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
alloc.m4 malloc 1.9 kB
altoptions.m4 An alternative way of specifying command-line options 2.8 kB
android.m4 ndk-r8b and later 3.5 kB
arch.m4 461 Bytes
clang-plugin.m4 6.1 kB
codeset.m4 958 Bytes
compiler-opts.m4 6.0 kB
config.guess patches 48.4 kB
config.status.m4 6.6 kB
config.sub patches 31.6 kB
expandlibs.m4 2.4 kB
hooks.m4 1.5 kB
hotfixes.m4 1.1 kB
install-sh 2.4 kB
mozheader.m4 1.2 kB
mozprog.m4 1.0 kB
pkg.m4 config man page 2.4 kB
sanitize.m4 blacklist 5.6 kB
toolchain.m4 4.2 kB