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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
address-form.css ::before is the error on the error text panel 1.4 kB
address-form.js import-globals-from ../../../../../browser/extensions/formautofill/content/autofillEditForms.js 14.6 kB
address-picker.js <address-picker></address-picker> * Container around add/edit links and <rich-select> with * <addr 8.2 kB
basic-card-form.css 1.3 kB
basic-card-form.js import-globals-from ../../../../../browser/extensions/formautofill/content/autofillEditForms.js 17.6 kB
billing-address-picker.js import-globals-from ../unprivileged-fallbacks.js 958 Bytes
completion-error-page.js import-globals-from ../unprivileged-fallbacks.js 3.4 kB
cvv-hint-image-back.svg 1.5 kB
cvv-hint-image-front.svg 1.5 kB
error-page.css 824 Bytes
order-details.css 899 Bytes
order-details.js template 4.1 kB
payment-dialog.js template 16.0 kB
payment-method-picker.js import-globals-from ../unprivileged-fallbacks.js 5.6 kB
rich-picker.css Payment Method Picker 1.9 kB
rich-picker.js 3.4 kB
shipping-option-picker.js <shipping-option-picker></shipping-option-picker> * Container around <rich-select> with * <option> 2.4 kB
timeout.svg 12.2 kB
warning.svg 6.4 kB