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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
accepted-cards.css label 3.0 kB
accepted-cards.js list 2.4 kB
address-option.css 755 Bytes
address-option.js import-globals-from ../../../../../browser/extensions/formautofill/content/autofillEditForms.js 5.1 kB
basic-card-option.css 985 Bytes
basic-card-option.js <rich-select> * <basic-card-option></basic-card-option> * </rich-select> 2.8 kB
card-icon.svg 267 Bytes
csc-input.js <csc-input placeholder="CVV*" default-value="123" front-tooltip="Look 3.6 kB
currency-amount.js <currency-amount value="7.5" currency="USD" display-code></currency-amount> 2.2 kB
labelled-checkbox.js <labelled-checkbox label="Some label" value="The value"></labelled-checkbox> 1.9 kB
payment-details-item.css 124 Bytes
payment-details-item.js <ul> * <payment-details-item label="Some item" 1.4 kB
payment-request-page.js <payment-request-page></payment-request-page> 1.0 kB
rich-option.js <rich-select> * <rich-option></rich-option> * </rich-select> 686 Bytes
rich-select.css focus-within 1.9 kB
rich-select.js selected-option 3.2 kB
shipping-option.css 491 Bytes
shipping-option.js <rich-select> * <shipping-option></shipping-option> * </rich-select> 1.9 kB