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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
OpenH264-license.txt 4.7 kB
aboutaddons.css The margin between message bars. 8.8 kB
aboutaddons.html 13.8 kB
aboutaddons.js eslint max-len: ["error", 80] 97.9 kB
aboutaddonsCommon.js eslint max-len: ["error", 80] 6.0 kB
abuse-report-frame.html 5.2 kB
abuse-report-frame.js globals MozXULElement, Services, getHtmlBrowser, htmlBrowserLoaded 9.0 kB
abuse-report-panel.css Abuse Reports card 5.5 kB
abuse-report-panel.js eslint max-len: ["error", 80] 20.3 kB
abuse-reports.js eslint max-len: ["error", 80] 7.4 kB
blocklist.js global MozXULElement 3.7 kB
blocklist.xul 1.8 kB
extensions.css HTML link elements do weird things to the layout if they are not hidden 1.7 kB
extensions.js import-globals-from ../../../content/customElements.js 60.7 kB
extensions.xul using 14.5 kB
message-bar.css icon-url 3.5 kB
message-bar.js count 4.1 kB
named-deck.js button deck 8.6 kB
panel-item.css 973 Bytes
panel-list.css 1.2 kB
pluginPrefs.js 2.2 kB
pluginPrefs.xul 2.3 kB
rating-star.css size 894 Bytes
shortcuts.css empty-label 2.2 kB
shortcuts.html input 2.1 kB
shortcuts.js no-addons 16.4 kB