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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ActionsManager.jsm A class to manage the actions that recipes can use in Normandy. 3.9 kB
AddonRollouts.jsm AddonRollouts store info about an active or expired addon rollouts. * @typedef {object} AddonRollou 5.0 kB
AddonStudies.jsm @typedef {Object} Study * @property {Number} recipeId * ID of the recipe that created the study. 12.5 kB
CleanupManager.jsm 1.2 kB
ClientEnvironment.jsm 3.1 kB
EventEmitter.jsm Event fired with no listeners 1.8 kB
Heartbeat.jsm 14.0 kB
LogManager.jsm 1.2 kB
NormandyAddonManager.jsm 3.1 kB
NormandyApi.jsm 6.4 kB
PrefUtils.jsm 3.4 kB
PreferenceExperiments.jsm Preference Experiments temporarily change a preference to one of several test * values for the dura 29.2 kB
PreferenceRollouts.jsm PreferenceRollouts store info about an active or expired preference rollout. * @typedef {object} Pr 8.1 kB
RecipeRunner.jsm 16.5 kB
ShieldPreferences.jsm Handles Shield-specific preferences, including their UI. 2.6 kB
Storage.jsm 2.4 kB
TelemetryEvents.jsm 678 Bytes
Uptake.jsm telemetry 2.2 kB