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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
clang.yml tidy 2.6 kB
coverity.yml 1.9 kB
cram.yml tools 494 Bytes
doc.yml Generate the Sphinx documentation 1.5 kB
file-metadata.yml Generate metadata about source files and Bugzilla 1.4 kB
infer.yml 1.6 kB
jsshell.yml js 2.1 kB
kind.yml dependencies 1.1 kB
mozlint-android.yml Android lints 5.8 kB
mozlint.yml Checks for misspellings in text files 7.6 kB
node.yml newtab unit tests 3.5 kB
python.yml taskcluster 8.1 kB
remote.yml Puppeteer tests against Firefox CDP-based remote protocol 878 Bytes
shadow-scheduler.yml Runs the seta_10_120 experimental optimization strategy 1.1 kB
webidl.yml WebIDL parser tests 732 Bytes
wpt-manifest.yml Generate and store the web-platform-tests manifest 1.2 kB
wpt-metadata.yml Summarize wpt metadata 1.0 kB