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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 0 Bytes
archive.py Create a tar file deterministically. Receives a dict mapping names of files in the archive to l 3.8 kB
copier.py def __init__(self): self._files = OrderedDict() self._required_directories = Counter 24.0 kB
dmg.py When cross compiling, we zero fill an hfs file, that we will turn into a DMG. To do so we test t 8.0 kB
errors.py Exception type raised from errors.error() and errors.fatal() 4.2 kB
executables.py Check the signature of the give file and returns what kind of executable matches. 5.7 kB
files.py 41.5 kB
hg.py Create a finder attached to a specific changeset. Accepts a Mercurial localrepo and changec 3.4 kB
manifests.py Raised when an invalid install manifest is parsed. 16.4 kB
mozjar.py Error type for Jar reader errors. 30.0 kB
path.py Like :py:mod:`os.path`, with a reduced set of functions, and with normalized path separators (always 6.6 kB