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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
appnote.txt 46.9 kB
components.conf 1.3 kB
moz.build 1.0 kB
nsIJARChannel.idl nsIChannel 1.5 kB
nsIJARURI.idl nsIURL 1.3 kB
nsIZipReader.idl 10.5 kB
nsJAR.cpp nsIZipReader 22.8 kB
nsJAR.h ------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Class nsJAR declaration 4.9 kB
nsJARChannel.cpp 30.3 kB
nsJARChannel.h 3.4 kB
nsJARInputStream.cpp nsIInputStream 12.1 kB
nsJARInputStream.h ------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Class nsJARInputStream 2.7 kB
nsJARProtocolHandler.cpp nsIProtocolHandler 3.4 kB
nsJARProtocolHandler.h 1.5 kB
nsJARURI.cpp 21.1 kB
nsJARURI.h 5.2 kB
nsZipArchive.cpp This module implements a simple archive extractor for the PKZIP format. * * The underlying nsZipAr 36.0 kB
nsZipArchive.h This file defines some of the basic structures used by libjar to * read Zip files. It makes use of 12.3 kB
zipstruct.h Certain constants and structures for * the Phil Katz ZIP archive format. * 3.0 kB