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README .woff files for SVG-in-OpenType testing 1.8 kB
glyphs-base.svg 349 Bytes
glyphs-invalid.svg 1.2 kB
glyphs-objectcolor.svg 841 Bytes
glyphs-objectopacity.svg 2.1 kB
glyphs-objectstroke.svg 900 Bytes
glyphs-paintservers.svg 880 Bytes
glyphs-transforms.svg 2.1 kB
nosvg.woff 68.0 kB
rubbish.txt 113 Bytes
rubbish.woff 68.2 kB
svg-glyph-extents.otf 183.9 kB
svg-gz.ttf 113.8 kB
svg.woff 70.1 kB