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<!DOCTYPE html>
This test checks if content is paginated correctly in the horizontal
direction when printing. The test passes if the pages generated
are identical for both vertical-lr and horizontal-tb writing-modes by means of
making the size of the content we are printing equal to exactly the same number
of pages being generated in each writing mode.
This sizing is calculated like so:

1. It is important to note that irrespective of the writing-mode, the print
   UI always lays out printed pages vertically. Therefore, it is possible
   to equate the printed content of two different writing modes if both
   cases generate the exact same number of pages (and of course no text on
   the pages, which is why we use background color since it is independent
   of writing mode).
2. To avoid an unnecessary vertical scrollbar (since scrolled content will be
   clipped anyway in the reftest snapshot), the maximum number of 5X3in pages
   that we should generate for the reftest snapshot are equal to 3.
3. Considering a margin of 0.5in on each side of the 5X3in page, we get the
   size of the page content area to be 4X2in per page and to generate exactly 3
   printed pages from this in the vertical-rl writing mode, we need a printable
   area of 12X2in (as used below).

Similarly, the size for the reference printable area is calculated, only
considering a horizontal-tb writing mode.

It is important to note here that when printing this test outside of the test
harness, the background color will not show since we omit printing and
previewing of background colors by default via the browser printing path.
<html class="reftest-paged" style="writing-mode: vertical-rl;">
  <body style="margin:0;">
    <div style="background: teal; width:12in; height:2in;">