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686225-1-bangla-aat-notref.html 127 Bytes
686225-1-bangla-aat.html 111 Bytes
686225-2-kannada-aat-notref.html 112 Bytes
686225-2-kannada-aat.html 96 Bytes
balinese-1-ref.html 266 Bytes
balinese-1.html 250 Bytes
bengali-1-ref.html Simple Bengali shaping 423 Bytes
bengali-1a.html Simple Bengali shaping 439 Bytes
bengali-1b.html Simple Bengali shaping 446 Bytes
bengali-2-ref.html Simple Bengali shaping 531 Bytes
bengali-2a.html Simple Bengali shaping 515 Bytes
bengali-2b.html Simple Bengali shaping 539 Bytes
bengali-3-ref.html Simple Bengali shaping 430 Bytes
bengali-3a.html Simple Bengali shaping 420 Bytes
bengali-3b.html Simple Bengali shaping 448 Bytes
bengali-3c.html Simple Bengali shaping 454 Bytes
devanagari-1-ref.html Simple Devanagari shaping 426 Bytes
devanagari-1a.html Simple Devanagari shaping 442 Bytes
devanagari-1b.html Simple Devanagari shaping 449 Bytes
devanagari-2-ref.html Simple Devanagari shaping 406 Bytes
devanagari-2.html Simple Devanagari shaping 422 Bytes
devanagari-3-ref.html Simple Devanagari shaping 461 Bytes
devanagari-3a.html Simple Devanagari shaping 469 Bytes
devanagari-3b.html Simple Devanagari shaping 477 Bytes
devanagari-4-notref.html Simple Devanagari shaping 429 Bytes
devanagari-4.html Simple Devanagari shaping 437 Bytes
gujarati-1-ref.html Simple Gujarati shaping 424 Bytes
gujarati-1a.html Simple Gujarati shaping 440 Bytes
gujarati-1b.html Simple Gujarati shaping 447 Bytes
gujarati-2-ref.html Simple Gujarati shaping 404 Bytes
gujarati-2.html Simple Gujarati shaping 420 Bytes
gujarati-3-ref.html Simple Gujarati shaping 459 Bytes
gujarati-3a.html Simple Gujarati shaping 467 Bytes
gujarati-3b.html Simple Gujarati shaping 475 Bytes
gujarati-4-notref.html Simple Gujarati shaping 427 Bytes
gujarati-4.html Simple Gujarati shaping 435 Bytes
reftest.list 972 Bytes