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README.txt Test fonts with Graphite tables for testing 1.1 kB
grtest-langfeat.gdl 734 Bytes
grtest-langfeat.ttf 43.2 kB
grtest-multipass.gdl 724 Bytes
grtest-multipass.ttf 43.3 kB
grtest-ot-only.ttf 40.6 kB
grtest-ot-only.ttx 682.2 kB
grtest-ot.ttx 682.2 kB
grtest-ref.ttf 40.5 kB
grtest-ref.ttx 671.0 kB
grtest-simple.gdl 170 Bytes
grtest-simple.ttf 42.7 kB
grtest-template.ttx 682.2 kB