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Notes about fonts in this directory

Ahem.ttf - ACID3 test font

markXXX.ttf and markXXX.otf

These fonts are autogenerated with FontForge using the Python script mark-generate.py.  
See the comments in that file for more information on how to run the script.

The markX.ttf and markX.otf fonts contain a single glyph for the X character consisting
of three stacked boxes.  The mark2X.ttf and mark2X.otf files also contain just a glyph for the
character X but the glyph is similar to the space mark character.  The markXmark2Y.ttf has
two glyphs, the first glyph for X and the second glyph for Y.

The markA.eot and markB.eot files are for EOT-related testing.  The markA.eot file is just 
a copy of markA.ttf while markB.eot is a valid EOT file embedding the contents of markB.ttf
with a null root string (so it can be used in IE without domain-specific restrictions).

PositioningTest1.ttf, PositioningTest2.ttf

These fonts were generated with FontForge and then OpenType tables added with MS VOLT.
The glyphs are from Charis SIL (see http://scripts.sil.org/CharisSILFont), released under the
Open Font License.

In both fonts, the lowercase 'o' glyph should appear raised when rendered. Font 1 uses a GPOS
positioning rule to achieve this, so it tests whether vertical deltas are being handled
correctly. Font 2 uses a GSUB substitution to replace the 'o' with a glyph that has already
been offset within the em-square, so no vertical delta is involved.

Finally, the capital 'O' character maps directly to the shifted 'o' glyph, so this can be
used for comparison without requiring any OpenType layout support.