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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
at-rule-013-ref.html CSS Test: Ignoring at-rules inside @media blocks 684 Bytes
at-rule-013.html CSS Test: Ignoring at-rules inside @media blocks 2.4 kB
at-rule-error-handling-import-1.html Test for unexpected end of @import 179 Bytes
at-rule-error-handling-media-1.html Test for unexpected end of @import 178 Bytes
at-rule-error-handling-ref.html Test for unexpected end of @import (reference) 131 Bytes
green-ref.html 83 Bytes
invalid-attr-1-ref.html 251 Bytes
invalid-attr-1.html 544 Bytes
invalid-font-face-descriptor-1-ref.html 92 Bytes
invalid-font-face-descriptor-1.html 154 Bytes
invalid-url-handling-ref.xhtml 1.6 kB
invalid-url-handling.xhtml 5.5 kB
moz-bool-pref.css 256 Bytes
pseudo-elements-1-ref.html 314 Bytes
pseudo-elements-1.html 1.3 kB
reftest.list 770 Bytes
supports-moz-bool-pref-1.html 377 Bytes
supports-moz-bool-pref-2.html 379 Bytes
supports-moz-bool-pref-3.html 155 Bytes
two-dash-identifiers-ref.html 321 Bytes
two-dash-identifiers.html 685 Bytes