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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
GenCyrillicClass.cpp 3.9 kB
charfreq.pl 1.0 kB
charfreqtostat.pl 2.4 kB
gen.cmd 888 Bytes
genbig5.pl 830 Bytes
gencp1252.pl 1.1 kB
gencyrillic.pl DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE !!! This file is generated by the perl script in mozilla/intl/chardet 1.8 kB
geneucjp.pl 983 Bytes
geneuckr.pl 832 Bytes
geneuctw.pl 1.1 kB
gengb18030.pl 1.1 kB
gengb2312.pl 820 Bytes
genhz.pl 1.1 kB
geniso2022cn.pl 1.2 kB
geniso2022jp.pl 1.2 kB
geniso2022kr.pl 1.1 kB
gensjis.pl 990 Bytes
genutf8.pl 4.4 kB
genverifier.pm 4.7 kB