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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
NetworkGeolocationProvider.jsm The gLocationRequestTimeout controls how long we wait on receiving an update from the Wifi subsys 12.3 kB
OSFileConstants.cpp 28.6 kB
OSFileConstants.h XPConnect initializer, for use in the main thread. * This class is thread-safe but it must be first 1.5 kB
components.conf 638 Bytes
moz.build 2.5 kB
nsDeviceSensors.cpp 18.3 kB
nsDeviceSensors.h public nsIDeviceSensors 2.5 kB
nsIOSFileConstantsService.idl nsISupports 899 Bytes
nsIOSPermissionRequest.idl nsISupports 2.1 kB
nsOSPermissionRequest.h public nsOSPermissionRequestBase 675 Bytes
nsOSPermissionRequestBase.cpp nsIOSPermissionRequest 2.4 kB
nsOSPermissionRequestBase.h public nsIOSPermissionRequest 1.2 kB