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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
.eslintrc.js 93 Bytes
empty.js Nothing here 19 Bytes
mochitest.ini 913 Bytes
serverTiming.sjs 1.2 kB
sharedworker_performance_user_timing.js 861 Bytes
test_performance_navigation_timing.html Test for Bug 1462891 4.7 kB
test_performance_observer.html Test for performance observer 4.6 kB
test_performance_observer.js 8.4 kB
test_performance_server_timing.html Test for PerformanceServerTiming 2.0 kB
test_performance_server_timing_plain_http.html Plain HTTP Test for PerformanceServerTiming 1.1 kB
test_performance_timing_json.html Test for Bug 1375829 857 Bytes
test_performance_user_timing.html Test for Bug 782751 2.1 kB
test_performance_user_timing.js 12.0 kB
test_sharedWorker_performance_user_timing.html Test for worker performance timing API 1.0 kB
test_timeOrigin.html Test for performance.timeOrigin 2.5 kB
test_worker_observer.html Test for performance observer in worker 1.1 kB
test_worker_performance_entries.html PerformanceResouceTiming in workers 1.2 kB
test_worker_performance_entries.js 2.5 kB
test_worker_performance_entries.sjs 401 Bytes
test_worker_performance_now.html Validate Interfaces Exposed to Workers 978 Bytes
test_worker_performance_now.js 2.3 kB
test_worker_user_timing.html Test for worker performance timing API 991 Bytes
worker_performance_observer.js 104 Bytes
worker_performance_user_timing.js 765 Bytes