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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
BrowsingContext.webidl BrowsingContext 1.8 kB
ChannelWrapper.webidl Load types that correspond to the external types in nsIContentPolicy.idl. * Please also update that 15.9 kB
ChromeUtils.webidl An optimized QueryInterface method, generated by generateQI. * * For JS callers, this behaves like 22.0 kB
DOMLocalization.webidl Localization 5.1 kB
DebuggerNotification.webidl DebuggerNotification 1.6 kB
DebuggerNotificationObserver.webidl 1.1 kB
DebuggerUtils.webidl 549 Bytes
DocumentL10n.webidl DOMLocalization 1.0 kB
DominatorTree.webidl In a directed graph with a root node `R`, a node `A` is said to "dominate" a * node `B` iff every p 3.1 kB
Flex.webidl grow vs 2.9 kB
HeapSnapshot.webidl A HeapSnapshot represents a snapshot of the heap graph 3.8 kB
InspectorUtils.webidl A collection of utility methods for use by devtools. * * See InspectorUtils.h for documentation on 7.5 kB
IteratorResult.webidl A dictionary which represents the result of a call to a next() method on a * JS iterator object. 506 Bytes
JSWindowActor.webidl 5.6 kB
L10nOverlays.webidl 779 Bytes
Localization.webidl L10nKey is an object used to carry localization tuple for message * translation. * * Fields: * 4.7 kB
MatchGlob.webidl Represents a simple glob pattern matcher. Any occurrence of "*" in the glob * pattern matches any l 840 Bytes
MatchPattern.webidl A URL match pattern as used by the WebExtension and Chrome extension APIs. * * A match pattern is 4.4 kB
MessageManager.webidl 19.4 kB
MozDocumentObserver.webidl 670 Bytes
MozSharedMap.webidl EventTarget 1.5 kB
MozStorageAsyncStatementParams.webidl 586 Bytes
MozStorageStatementParams.webidl 581 Bytes
MozStorageStatementRow.webidl 378 Bytes
PlacesEvent.webidl 3.6 kB
PlacesObservers.webidl 1.2 kB
PrecompiledScript.webidl Represents a pre-compiled JS script, which can be repeatedly executed in * different globals withou 1.1 kB
PrioEncoder.webidl 561 Bytes
PromiseDebugging.webidl This is a utility namespace for promise-debugging functionality 3.6 kB
SessionStoreUtils.webidl A callback passed to SessionStoreUtils.forEachNonDynamicChildFrame(). 6.6 kB
StructuredCloneHolder.webidl A holder for structured-clonable data which can itself be cloned with * little overhead, and deseri 1.2 kB
TelemetryStopwatch.webidl 9.9 kB
WebExtensionContentScript.webidl 5.4 kB
WebExtensionPolicy.webidl Defines the platform-level policies for a WebExtension, including its * permissions and the charact 6.8 kB
WindowGlobalActors.webidl 4.4 kB
XULFrameElement.webidl XULElement 668 Bytes
XULMenuElement.webidl XULElement 503 Bytes
XULTextElement.webidl XULElement 463 Bytes
XULTreeElement.webidl XULElement 4.8 kB
moz.build 2.3 kB