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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
README.html 365 Bytes
moz.build 1.7 kB
nsAString.h ASCII case-insensitive comparator. (for Unicode case-insensitive * comparision, see nsUnicharUtils 1.6 kB
nsCharTraits.h Some macros for converting char16_t (UTF-16) to and from Unicode scalar * values. * * Note that U 14.7 kB
nsDependentString.cpp 659 Bytes
nsDependentString.h 754 Bytes
nsDependentSubstring.cpp 674 Bytes
nsDependentSubstring.h 757 Bytes
nsEmbedString.h compatibility 508 Bytes
nsLiteralString.h 1.5 kB
nsPrintfCString.h public nsFixedCString 1.2 kB
nsPromiseFlatString.cpp 644 Bytes
nsPromiseFlatString.h 747 Bytes
nsReadableUtils.cpp 31.4 kB
nsReadableUtils.h I guess all the routines in this file are all mis-named. * According to our conventions, they shoul 16.9 kB
nsString.cpp 589 Bytes
nsString.h et 4.4 kB
nsStringBuffer.h This structure precedes the string buffers "we" allocate. It may be the * case that nsTAString::mD 6.1 kB
nsStringComparator.cpp 1.3 kB
nsStringFwd.h -- forward declarations for string classes 1.5 kB
nsStringIterator.h @see nsTAString 6.6 kB
nsStringObsolete.cpp nsTString obsolete API support 28.4 kB
nsSubstring.cpp 9.4 kB
nsSubstring.h 439 Bytes
nsSubstringTuple.cpp 710 Bytes
nsSubstringTuple.h 726 Bytes
nsTDependentString.cpp 826 Bytes
nsTDependentString.h nsTDependentString_CharT * * Stores a null-terminated, immutable sequence of characters. * * Sub 2.8 kB
nsTDependentSubstring.cpp 1.1 kB
nsTDependentSubstring.h nsTDependentSubstring_CharT * * A string class which wraps an external array of string characters. 3.8 kB
nsTLiteralString.h nsTLiteralString_CharT * * Stores a null-terminated, immutable sequence of characters. * * Subcl 1.1 kB
nsTPromiseFlatString.cpp 650 Bytes
nsTPromiseFlatString.h 4.1 kB
nsTString.cpp 1.5 kB
nsTString.h This is the canonical null-terminated string class. All subclasses * promise null-terminated stora 23.2 kB
nsTStringComparator.cpp 1.6 kB
nsTStringObsolete.cpp nsTString::Find * * aOffset specifies starting index * aCount specifies number of string compares 18.1 kB
nsTSubstring.cpp helper function for down-casting a nsTSubstring to a nsTFixedString. 28.4 kB
nsTSubstring.h The base for string comparators 35.3 kB
nsTSubstringTuple.cpp computes the aggregate string length 2.5 kB
nsTSubstringTuple.h nsTSubstringTuple_CharT * * Represents a tuple of string fragments. Built as a recursive binary t 2.5 kB
nsUTF8Utils.h Extract the next UCS-4 character from the buffer and return it. The * pointer passed in is advance 19.2 kB
nsUTF8UtilsSSE2.cpp 4.1 kB
nsXPCOMStrings.h nsXPCOMStrings.h * * This file describes a minimal API for working with XPCOM's abstract * string 29.6 kB
nsXPIDLString.h 447 Bytes
string-template-def-char.h 1.4 kB
string-template-def-unichar.h 1.4 kB
string-template-undef.h 928 Bytes