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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
utils This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
Makefile 6.7 kB
Makefile.os2 7.0 kB
Makefile.win gmake Makefile for building MPI with MSVC on NT 7.3 kB
README This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public 32.9 kB
all-tests 1.7 kB
hpma512.s 26.0 kB
hppa20.s 28.2 kB
hppatch.adb 443 Bytes
logtab.h 1.6 kB
make-logtab 799 Bytes
make-test-arrays 3.0 kB
mdxptest.c #define OLD_WAY 1 9.2 kB
montmulf.c 6.7 kB
montmulf.h The functions that are to be called from outside of the .s file have the * following interfaces an 3.0 kB
montmulf.il 2.2 kB
montmulf.s 000000 0 ( 0 0) 78.1 kB
montmulfv8.il 2.2 kB
montmulfv8.s 60.1 kB
montmulfv9.il 1.8 kB
montmulfv9.s 79.6 kB
mp_comba.c TomsFastMath, a fast ISO C bignum library. * * This project is meant to fill in where LibTomMath 75.3 kB
mp_comba_amd64_masm.asm 332.9 kB
mp_comba_amd64_sun.s 312.1 kB
mp_gf2m-priv.h enable fast divide and mod operations on MP_DIGIT_BITS 3.2 kB
mp_gf2m.c priv 15.9 kB
mp_gf2m.h For modular arithmetic, the irreducible polynomial f(t) is represented * as an array of int[], whe 1.1 kB
mpcpucache.c This file implements a single function: s_mpi_getProcessorLineSize(); * s_mpi_getProcessorLineSize( 22.9 kB
mpcpucache_amd64.s 10.6 kB
mpcpucache_x86.s 11.2 kB
mpi-config.h For boolean options, 0 = no 1 = yes Other options are documented individually. 1.8 kB
mpi-priv.h Private header file for MPI 10.8 kB
mpi-test.c ZS means Zero Suppressed (no leading zeros) 53.5 kB
mpi.c priv 101.9 kB
mpi.h config 9.9 kB
mpi_amd64.c MPI glue * 720 Bytes
mpi_amd64_gas.s 8.9 kB
mpi_amd64_masm.asm 7.8 kB
mpi_amd64_sun.s 8.8 kB
mpi_arm.c This inlined version is for 32-bit ARM platform only 3.5 kB
mpi_hp.c This file contains routines that perform vector multiplication. 2.4 kB
mpi_i86pc.s 7.0 kB
mpi_mips.s 8.8 kB
mpi_sparc.c Multiplication performance enhancements for sparc v8+vis CPUs. 5.0 kB
mpi_sse2.s 8.0 kB
mpi_x86.s 12.7 kB
mpi_x86_asm.c MSVC inline assembly implementation of s_mpv_ functions 12.1 kB
mpi_x86_os2.s 12.6 kB
mplogic.c {{{ Lookup table for population count 9.0 kB
mplogic.h The logical operations treat an mp_int as if it were a bit vector, without regard to its sign (an 1.8 kB
mpmontg.c This file implements moduluar exponentiation using Montgomery's * method for modular reduction. Th 36.0 kB
mpprime.c Test if any of a given vector of digits divides a. If not, MP_NO is returned; otherwise, MP_YES 13.5 kB
mpprime.h Tests for divisibility 1.3 kB
mpv_sparc.c / typedef int t_s32; typedef unsigned int t_u32; #if defined(__sparcv9) type 5.2 kB
mpv_sparcv8.s 000000 3 ( 0 0) 64.9 kB
mpv_sparcv9.s 000000 0 ( 0 0) 67.7 kB
mpvalpha.c This is empty for the loop in s_mpv_mul_d 3.8 kB
mulsqr.c 2.0 kB
multest 1.7 kB
primes.c 54.7 kB
stats 838 Bytes
target.mk 8.7 kB
test-arrays.txt 2.6 kB
test-info.c Table mapping test suite names to index numbers 6.9 kB
timetest 2.7 kB
types.pl find recommended type definitions for digits and words 3.7 kB
vis_32.il 26.2 kB
vis_64.il 19.9 kB
vis_proto.h Prototypes for the inline templates in vis.il 9.4 kB