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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
method.sjs 331 Bytes
mochitest.ini 622 Bytes
partial_content.sjs Debug and Error wrapper functions for dump(). 6.0 kB
rel_preconnect.sjs 552 Bytes
signed_web_packaged_app.sjs 4.3 kB
test_arraybufferinputstream.html ArrayBuffer stream test 1.4 kB
test_partially_cached_content.html Test for Bug 497003: support sending OnDataAvailable() to other threads 3.3 kB
test_rel_preconnect.html Test for link rel=preconnect 2.7 kB
test_signed_web_packaged_app.html Web packaged app 2.3 kB
test_uri_scheme.html Test for URI Manipulation 1.1 kB
test_user_agent_overrides.html Test for User Agent Overrides 7.7 kB
test_user_agent_updates.html Test for User Agent Updates 9.2 kB
test_user_agent_updates_reset.html Test for Bug 942470 1.2 kB
test_web_packaged_app.html Web packaged app 7.1 kB
test_xhr_method_case.html Test for XHR Method casing 1.5 kB
user_agent.sjs 366 Bytes
user_agent_update.sjs 310 Bytes
web_packaged_app.sjs 1.4 kB