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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Options-sync.png 3.6 kB
Options.png 10.7 kB
aboutPermissions.css sites box 3.1 kB
alwaysAsk.png 530 Bytes
application.png 795 Bytes
applications.css Line up the actions menu with action labels above and below it. * Equalize the distance from the le 1.9 kB
checkbox-yosemite.png 1.0 kB
checkbox-yosemite@2x.png 2.4 kB
checkbox.png 1.7 kB
checkbox@2x.png 3.7 kB
preferences.css ----- GENERAL BUTTON ----- 4.6 kB
saveFile.png 570 Bytes
search.css Reserve space so that localized labels can wrap without hiding the 'add more engines' link at the 1.7 kB