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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 0 Bytes
blob_upload.py Provides mechanism to automatically upload files written in MOZ_UPLOAD_DIR to the blobber upload 4.5 kB
buildbot.py Code to tie into buildbot. Ideally this will go away if and when we retire buildbot. 8.0 kB
gaia.py Module for performing gaia-specific tasks 17.4 kB
googleplay.py import httplib2 from apiclient.discovery import build from oauth2client import client # GooglePla 1.6 kB
mapper.py Support for hg/git mapper 3.5 kB
mar.py MarMixin, manages mar files 4.1 kB
mock.py Code to integrate with mock 10.7 kB
mozbase.py Automatically set virtualenv requirements to use mozbase from test package. 1.6 kB
proxxy.py Proxxy module. Defines a Proxxy element that fetches files using local proxxy instances (if avail 6.6 kB
purge.py Purge/clobber support 5.7 kB
release.py release.py 1.9 kB
repo_manifest.py Module for handling repo style XML manifests 7.1 kB
selfserve.py 1.6 kB
signing.py Mozilla-specific signing methods. 2.9 kB
structuredlog.py Object that tracks the overall status of the test run 7.2 kB
taskcluster_helper.py Taskcluster module. Defines a few helper functions to call into the taskcluster client. 4.2 kB
tooltool.py module for tooltool operations 3.3 kB