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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
LICENSE.txt and 1.1 kB
MANIFEST.in 104 Bytes
Makefile.win 650 Bytes
PKG-INFO This is a GNU which replacement with the following features 713 Bytes
README.txt which.py -- a portable GNU which replacement 7.5 kB
TODO.txt 4.9 kB
build.py which.py dev build script Usage: python build.py [<options>...] [<targets>...] Opt 13.3 kB
launcher.cpp Console launch executable. * * This program exists solely to launch: * python <installdir>/< 11.6 kB
logo.jpg 3.6 kB
setup.py Distutils setup script for 'which'. 2.0 kB
which.py _cmdlnUsage = 12.1 kB